Al Bukhari narrated from hadeeth of Abu Bakra may Allah be pleased with him

The 'Prophet delivered to us a Khutba (religious talk) on the day of Nahr. He said, "Do you know what is the day today?" We said, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He remained silent till we thought that he might give that day another name. He said, "Isn't it the day of Nahr?" We said, "Yes! It is." He further asked, "Which month is this?" We said, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He remained silent till we thought that he might give it another name. He then said, "Isn't it the month of Dhul-Hijjah?" We replied: "Yes! It is." He further asked, "What town is this?" We replied, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He remained silent till we thought that he might give it another name. He then said, "Isn't it the forbidden (sacred) town (of Makkah)?" We said, "Yes! It is." He said, "No doubt, your blood and your properties are sacred to one another like the sanctity of this day of yours, in this month of yours, in this town of yours, till the day you meet your Lord (Allah) (and in another narration he said - and surely, you will meet your Lord, and He will ask you about your deeds)
No doubt! Haven't I conveyed Allah's Message to you? They said, "Yes (you have)." He said, "0 Allah! Be witness
So it is incumbent upon those who are present to convey this message (of mine) to those who are absent. May be that some of those to whom it will be conveyed comprehend (what I have said) better than the present audience. Beware! Do not renegade (as) disbelievers after me by striking the necks (cutting the throats) of one another (i.e., by killing one another
Ibn 'Abbأ£s added, "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, that was his will to his followers

Muslim narrated that Umm Al-Husain said "I performed Hajj with the Messenger of Allah- the Farewell Pilgrimage - and the Messenger of Allah said many things…….”

Some of the things he mentioned were narrated by Muslim from Hadeeth of Jaber ibn Abdullah may Allah be pleased with them. He peace be upon him said:

All matters of the Jâhiliyyah are abolished beneath my feet. The blood feuds of the Jâhiliyyah are abolished, and the first blood feud that I abolish is that of Rabi'ah ibn Al-Hârith, who was nursed among Banü Laith and killed by Huthail. The Ribâ (credit) of the Jâhiliyyah is abolished, and the first Ribâ that I abolish is that of 'Abbâs bin 'Abdul-Muttalib; it is all abolished. Fear Allah with regards to women, for you have taken them as a trust from Allah, and intimacy with them has become permissible to you by the Word of Allah. Your rights over them are that they should not allow anyone whom you dislike to be admitted into your house. If they do that, then hit them, but in a manner that does not cause injury or leave a mark. Their rights over you are that you should provide for them and clothe them in a reasonable manner. I have left you something which, if you adhere to it, you will never go astray: The Book of Allah. You will be asked about me. What will you say?" They said: "We bear witness that you have conveyed (the Message) and fulfilled (your duty) and offered sincere advice." He gestured with his forefinger towards the sky and then towards the people, (and said) "0 Allah bear witness, 0 Allah bear witness," three times

The Prophet peace be upon him also reminded his Umma Almaseeh Al Dajjal

Al Bukhari narrated from Hadith of Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with them said:
We were talking about Hajjat-ul-Wada', while the Prophet was amongst us. We did not know what Hajjat-u1-Wada' signified. The Prophet praised Allah and then mentioned Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjal and described him extensively, saying, "Allah did not send any Prophet but that Prophet warned his nation of Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjal. NUh (Noah) and the Prophets following him warned (their people) of him. He will appear amongst you, and if some of his qualities may be hidden from you, know that your Lord's State is clear to you and not hidden from you." The Prophet said it thrice. "Verily, your Lord is not blind in one eye while he (Ad-Dajjal) is blind in the right eye which looks like a grape bulging out of its cluster

He also ordered us to obey our rulers
Muslim Narrated from Hadeeth of Umm Al-Hussayn that she heard the Prophet delivering a Khutbah during the Farewell Pilgrimage, and he said: 'Even if there is appointed over you a slave who leads you in accordance with the Book of Allah, then listen to him and obey